Best Foreclosure Defense Strategies for Florida Homeowners

Did you know that there are ways that you can fight back against the onslaught of foreclosures that are hitting so many Florida residents?  Your foreclosure defense may vary depending on your situation, but you could be surprised to learn that you have more rights than you may have thought.

Some Lenders Are Imperfect and Owe the Homeowner, Versus the Other Way Around

There are many regulations both State and Federal which must be adhered to by lenders and mortgage brokers.  They are legally required to follow specific protocol throughout the mortgage loan process.  In the event these guidelines are not properly followed, you may have grounds to file a counterclaim against them if they file for foreclosure on your home.

If your loan was constructed in a way that was unlawful, you could find yourself having the upper hand in this process, rather than the bank who issued the mortgage.  This means you would have leverage to potentially be compensated by the lender and legally force them to pay for your legal fees!

Recent cases have been ruled in favor of homeowners, against several major bank corporations in the State of Florida.  Such precedents provide addition leverage for any homeowner’s foreclosure defense.

The Top Foreclosure Defense Strategies for Florida Homeowners:

* Omission Claims / Professional Liability Errors

* Civil Action

* Fair Housing Complaints

* Bankruptcy

* Counter Claims

* Precedents of Recent Higher Court Cases Ruled Against Major Lenders

Are You Automatically Eligible to Utilize All of These Foreclosure Strategies?

Each case is unique, but one or more of the above could apply—all of them in unique instances.  A legal defense is applicable for any homeowner at risk of foreclosure who has attempted to conduct matters properly but has been a victim of flaws in circumstances, design, or default.

The key to potential success in implementing foreclosure defense strategies lies in the hands of the most competent and experienced attorneys available for these types of cases.

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